According to The New York Times roughly 6,000 lesbians marched down Fifth Avenue Saturday afternoon, June 29th, 1996.

There's something quite marvellous about 6,000 dykes paying homage to Gertrude Stein behind the public library before stepping off onto 42nd Street. The outburst of joy as everyone turns the corner of 42nd Street and takes Fifth Avenue without a permit just has to be experienced.

Get ready for the 1997 NYC Dyke March on Saturday June 28!!!!
This year we get to show our Pride every week-end in June, with the Lesbian & Gay Pride Rally on Sunday the 22 and a whole lot more.

For current information on the scheduled events check out the following sites:

Shirts off to the Lesbian Avengers for the 4th consecutive year of organized chaos.

Download this 18 second QuickTime Movie shot and edited by crude_rom's very own Elizabeth Santeix.
The multi-talented Mary Paterno, founding member of Dyke TV, busily hands out the cable show's schedule while selling T-shirts from her now infamous mini-mall.

Dyke TV appears biweekly on Channel 34 in Manhattan; Tuesday at 8pm and Wensday at 1pm.
Click on the bullhorn and bring to your desktop this 15 second QuickTime movie of a fierce Avenger as she leads this year's chant

--It's a Dyke Thang!
Great job girls but...what happened to Dyke Stock and why didn't anyone eat fire this year? A friend of ours brought two young recruits. She had built up the fire eating thang and when it didn't happen she had to eat crow instead.
Meow Mix's very own DJ Hopey works the crowd for the after march bash on Houston Street. We ended up bouncing back and forth between the Dyke Ball at Chameleon on Avenue A and Meow Mix, the new sweet spot for LOISAIDA dykes.

slow, perhaps very slow download
Dyke -- just do it!

Grab the 28 second QuickTime movie of the crowd as it builds to a critical mass.
Brooke Webster of Meow Mix shoots the breeze with Lucia Davis after the march. Lucia's short film "Kings Of New York" premiered earlier at HER/SHE Bar. We were there at 2am. The crowd loved it. As the screen ascended to reveal the "Village People" the entire club went wild.
A Kodak moment.
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